Monday, September 9, 2013

UpcomingEvents: AbneyReview-BOILERROOM Asheville
KATTILAHUONEEN isännöi iltamat tapahtumia, jotka ovat aina uusia ja jännittäviä. Tämä paikka on ainutlaatuinen paikka ja on ollut isäntänä lukemattomia bändejä. Se on koti näyteikkuna Rock, Blues, Metalli, Pop, Punk, Electronica ja monet muut tyylilajit, joita pidetään "ääneen" luonteeltaan.Vieras taiteilijat tekevät tapahtuman miellyttävämpää. Monet bändit ja artistit oli suorittaa täällä. Ihmiset syrjään itse paikka mennä tänne, koska musiikki ja bändit. Tässä luettelo tulevista tapahtumista tämän kesäkuussa.
Lauantai, 8 kesäkuu

TIME: kaksikymmentäyksi-2am
Kansi: 7 dollaria (ikä 18 + tapahtuma)
INFO: Genre musiikki on Punk
Perjantai 14 kesäkuu

TIME: kaksikymmentäyksi-2am
Kansi: 7 dollaria (ikä 18 + tapahtuma)
INFO: musiikkilajin on Hard Rock / Metal
Lauantai 15 kesäkuu

TIME: kaksikymmentäyksi-2am
Kansi: 7 dollaria (ikä 18 + tapahtuma)
INFO: Genre musiikki on Metal
Lauantai 22 kesäkuu

TIME: kaksikymmentäyksi-2am
Kansi: 7 dollaria (ikä 18 + tapahtuma)
INFO: Genre of Music on Metal
Perjantai, heinäkuu 5th
EVENT: Off With kruunut - Muut TBA
TIME: kaksikymmentäyksi
Lauantai, 6 heinäkuu

TIME: kaksikymmentäkaksi
Lauantai, 13 heinäkuu
EVENT: Remembrance - Terrigen Mist - Dead Oaks - Dei Armeth - Downbreak
TIME: kaksikymmentäyksi
Keskiviikko 17 heinäkuu

EVENT: US Christmas - Generation of Vipers
TIME: kaksikymmentäyksi
Perjantai 19 heinäkuu

EVENT: Pawtooth
TIME: kaksikymmentä
Lauantai, 20 heinäkuu

EVENT: Aaron Woody Wood - David Earl ja Plowshares
TIME: kaksikymmentäyksi

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UpcomingEvents: AbneyReview-BOILERROOM Asheville

Thursday, August 15, 2013

John Abney Review: What to love and what not to love about THE BOILER ROOM Asheville

John Abney Review
We always come back to places we enjoy the most, to people we appreciate and the good vibe we take pleasure in. 
The place’s layout is interesting, very unique and likeable.  It is a very cool setting in downtown Asheville.  Although they have a bit small stage yet still a decent size, they have a full PA and knowledgeable sound guys – not bad at all right?
The BOILER ROOM is a good playing room for 5-6 people but you can be creative and fit more using different tiers and levels of playing space.  The sound is perfect for the space.  
To top of it all and many outshines every aspect of good things about THE BOILER ROOM and the reason why patrons keep on coming back is the service.  Every staff that works here are extremely nice and easy to talk to, very approachable and friendly.
There are also downsides and to name a few let us start with the fact that this place is fairly a new venue and not many people are informed of the place.   Another problem is that Scandals is playing thumping techno upstairs and it's really loud, their music is heard loudly in The BOILER ROOM.  So what they do is they turn up their volume to compete with the noise upstairs.  So the tendency is if you have quiet parts in your songs they will be overridden by the thump upstairs.  And the consequence is this additional volume will make your ears bleed. 
Yes, this place is really cool and all but like I mentioned earlier there are the downsides and some were already stated.  The thing is you likely won't make much on the door, no matter how many people come to your show.   Plus the fact that they’ve been branded to book too many bands or bump bands for “proven locals” that doesn’t really bring in many people and it’s hit or miss.  This is maybe because the place is quite new and not that popular yet.  There are strange mixed crowd, which can actually be pretty cool for some.  And I think it is.  New friends along the way, right?
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

John Abney Blog: The Music Venue The BOILER ROOM Asheville Associates

If you want a good night well spent then spend it here. A live music and live entertainment venue located in the basement of the GROVE HOUSE Entertainment Complex, The BOILER ROOM, offers great acoustics for live music of any genre and hosts local, and also out of town live music scenes. 

According to the official site, The BOILER ROOM strives to be a ‘launching pad’ for the community to grow beyond Asheville and is renowned for being attentive and accommodating to the needs of all artists, entertainers, and patrons alike.  We are a place for bands to showcase “Original” works and materials only, for you won’t find ANY cover bands here!  BOILER ROOM is capable of adapting to the demands of nearly any event and its staff will strive to make that event rock!  We guarantee an unforgettable impression on your fans and guests.  And definitely the place is living to its promise.

The good thing about the place is that you have the choice because The BOILER ROOM may be divided to be its own separate venue, or combined with Scandals Nightclub and/or Club Eleven on Grove, depending on the size of the event.

Here is how you can reach The BOILER ROOM (Company Courtesy of Mr. John Abney and its Associates, Hooray for the great food!)

Physical/Mailing Address
Grove House Entertainment Complex
11 Grove Street
Asheville, NC 28801
Telephone: 828-505-1612

Another great thing about the place is that when you left something like important cards such as credit cards you can claim it back. 

How to Claim Left Credit Cards and/or IDS

 All credit cards or forms of identification lost or forgotten within the GROVE HOUSE venues are secured within the office of the general manager. As the GROVE HOUSE hours of operation vary by event, it is necessary to stop in during our business hours or contact us by phone/email to arrange a pick-up time.

Items are frequently left behind at the GROVE HOUSE. Found items are stored in a secure area
for NO MORE THAN 30 days.

Please Note: The entire property is throughly cleaned every Tuesday. If an item has NOT been recovered by the janitorial staff by Wednesday, it is highly unlikely that it is on the premises. If this occurs, check with the friends you were with during your visit as they may have your item.

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the boiler room Ashville by John Abney and its associates personal blog

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Upcoming Events: The Abney Review- BOILER ROOM Asheville
Upcoming Events: The Abney Review – BOILER ROOM Asheville

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The BOILER ROOM hosts a soiree of events that are always new and exciting.  This place is a unique venue and has played host to countless bands.  It is the home to a showcase of Rock, Blues, Metal, Pop, Punk, Electronica and many other genres that are considered “loud” by nature. The guest artists make the event more enjoyable.  Many bands and artists had performed here.  People aside from the place itself go here because of the music and the bands. Here are the list of upcoming events this month of June.

EVENT: Live music by Running on E, Pleasures of the Ultraviolent, Bad Ideas, and Reckless
TIME: 9pm-2am
COVER: $7 (ages 18+ event)
INFO: Genre of music is Punk

EVENT: Live music by Hazy Ray, Mindshapefist, and Severance
TIME: 9pm-2am
COVER: $7 (ages 18+ event)
INFO: Genre of music is Hard Rock/Metal

EVENT: Live music by Lifecurse, Dead Oaks, Burn False Idols, and Insult To Injury
TIME: 9pm-2am
COVER: $7 (ages 18+ event)
INFO: Genre of music is Metal

EVENT: Live music by Blood Junkie, Amnesis, Dissent and One of the Fallen
TIME: 9pm-2am
COVER: $7 (ages 18+ event)
INFO: Genre of Music is Metal

EVENT: Off With Crowns – Others TBA
TIME: 9pm

EVENT: Domination: Mad Science
TIME: 10pm
EVENT: Remembrance – The Terrigen Mist – Dead Oaks – Dei Armeth – Downbreak
TIME: 9pm

EVENT: U.S. Christmas – Generation of Vipers
TIME: 9pm

EVENT: Pawtooth
TIME: 8pm

EVENT: Aaron Woody Wood – David Earl and the Plowshares
TIME: 9pm

UpcomingEvents: The AbneyReview- BOILERROOM Asheville