Thursday, August 15, 2013

John Abney Review: What to love and what not to love about THE BOILER ROOM Asheville

John Abney Review
We always come back to places we enjoy the most, to people we appreciate and the good vibe we take pleasure in. 
The place’s layout is interesting, very unique and likeable.  It is a very cool setting in downtown Asheville.  Although they have a bit small stage yet still a decent size, they have a full PA and knowledgeable sound guys – not bad at all right?
The BOILER ROOM is a good playing room for 5-6 people but you can be creative and fit more using different tiers and levels of playing space.  The sound is perfect for the space.  
To top of it all and many outshines every aspect of good things about THE BOILER ROOM and the reason why patrons keep on coming back is the service.  Every staff that works here are extremely nice and easy to talk to, very approachable and friendly.
There are also downsides and to name a few let us start with the fact that this place is fairly a new venue and not many people are informed of the place.   Another problem is that Scandals is playing thumping techno upstairs and it's really loud, their music is heard loudly in The BOILER ROOM.  So what they do is they turn up their volume to compete with the noise upstairs.  So the tendency is if you have quiet parts in your songs they will be overridden by the thump upstairs.  And the consequence is this additional volume will make your ears bleed. 
Yes, this place is really cool and all but like I mentioned earlier there are the downsides and some were already stated.  The thing is you likely won't make much on the door, no matter how many people come to your show.   Plus the fact that they’ve been branded to book too many bands or bump bands for “proven locals” that doesn’t really bring in many people and it’s hit or miss.  This is maybe because the place is quite new and not that popular yet.  There are strange mixed crowd, which can actually be pretty cool for some.  And I think it is.  New friends along the way, right?
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